February 19, 2012

Walkupiers Set Out From Atlanta to Chicago!

On a cold and blustery morning, just one week ago, I arrived in downtown Atlanta with small flecks of snow landing on my windshield. Yes, it does snow in Atlanta. A small troop of Walkupiers (almost rhymes with Occupiers) were setting out to walk from Atlanta to Chicago. One had walked all the way from New York City. Others had joined in along the route to Atlanta. And some were just starting out that morning. I asked them to speak in their own words to give a sense of their mission.

As Bo says, this Walking Occupation through the heartland of the United States will be about listening to the people he meets along the way. In an age of sound-bites, negative campaigning, and near-constant media bombardment, this act of listening, although counter-intuitive, may well deliver the message better than many other methods. How else can you fully determine what other people believe about the issues you feel are so important? Except by listening and reflecting. You can follow Walkupy May Day(WMD) on their website.

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