March 25, 2018

Rally Against Police Brutality

Folks came out to rally against police brutality in Sarasota, Florida. I have not seen the police report, but the arrest of Chad Washington three days earlier brings up questions that demand answers.

  1. Why was Chad tased repeatedly, after he was already on the ground and did not appear to pose a continuing threat?
  2. Why did the police arrive and arrest Chad, before an ambulance even arrived? If there was a medical emergency, I would think the police would wait for medical services and only intervene, if there was a subsequent problem.

Perhaps the police report will answer these questions, but all of us, and especially the African American community, deserve an in-depth assessment. One last item. Is it against the law to safely stand in a median? If so, why did the Sarasota police only target one person with this law, even though many had been standing in the median during the protest? Is it because he was African American? Is it because he was videotaping? Is it because he was an outspoken community activist?

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