December 3, 2011

Occupy Sarasota Knitting Circle

Occupiers in outdoor encampments in the colder parts of the U.S. are hunkering down for winter. In support of their sacrifice, Rosemary decided to knit hats for them. Over the last few weeks, Rosemary knitted 10 hats using a pattern she found on the Knitters for Occupy Boston page. Her son has been active with Occupy New Haven and will be delivering those hats to either New Haven Occupiers or homeless folks in need.

Following Occupy Sarasota's General Assembly, several intrepid souls waded into the world of knitting. Three people who had never knitted before each decided to knit a scarf. Picasso's Moon Yarn Shop donated yarn. Leslie brought some knitting needles. And Rosemary provided the instruction.

Everybody plans to do some knitting over the next two weeks and reconvene with their creations.


  1. This is awesome; thank you so much!

    -- Josh from Media at Occupy New Haven