December 31, 2011

People's Convention of Florida: Follow Through in Sarasota

I followed the website and facebook pages awaiting a document with the final versions of proposals that reached consensus at the People's Convention of Florida. Local Florida Occupations were to vote on these proposals, and those that reached state-wide consensus would be presented to the Florida Legislature as the People's Plan. Due to meeting weekly, Occupy Sarasota had it's last opportunity to evaluate such a document today. But the document had gone AWOL. For a variety of reasons, no final document was produced. But Occupy Sarasota wanted to show support and solidarity with other local Occupations in Florida.

Since getting money out of politics is a core Occupy Movement concept, and the final consensed versions of these proposals were available, Occupy Sarasota chose to focus on these proposals with the caveat that they are incomplete. Given the severe time restrictions, consensus was easily reached on two proposals. One seeks accountability from our elected representatives. The other seeks fair and open elections free from the influence of money as well as measures to promote voter participation. The specific details may be viewed at the Occupy Sarasota website.

Participants from Florida Occupations will converge on the state capitol in Tallahassee on January 10 to deliver The People’s Plan. Several days leading up to this will be spent preparing the final plan and presentation tactics. Occupy Tallahassee is busy gathering extra tents, sleeping bags, and some meals to accommodate folks who may not be able to provide their own. They are also putting together a schedule of events, including a Radical Tea and Coffee Social, Florida musicians, a cabaret piece from the Mickee Faust Academy for the Really Dramatic Arts, and an Education Day.

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  1. From the Occupy Tallahasse folks:

    Currently, we are occupying a lovely piece of land called the Gaines Street Commons. It can accommodate a large number of people. We are unable to provide more than a couple people with shelter (tents) or sleeping bags. Be sure to bring your own. We would greatly appreciate any donation of food you can bring. We will do our best to provide regular meals; however, our resources are limited. We have a small kitchen, which has a few cooking supplies, some staple and snack items, but no running water.

    Here is a tentative schedule:

    Friday, Jan 6
    -Agenda planning meeting @ 8PM
    -Radical tea and coffee social: Action brainstorming for Jan 10! 9:30PM

    Saturday, Jan 7
    -General Assembly @ 1PM
    -Mickee Faust performance @ 7PM-8PM
    -Local bands @ 8PM~Midnight

    Sunday, Jan 8
    -Day of Education: Workshops, speakers, etc.

    Monday, Jan 9
    -12 noon: Occupy Florida General Assembly
    -Facilitation Workshop @ 8PM

    Tuesday, Jan 10
    -1st day of session. Actions all day.
    -Off-site after party

    We are in the process of planning more events through the 14th.