November 3, 2011

Bank Customer Mishaps

This Saturday is Bank Transfer Day. I have detailed why this is a great idea and how you can participate. At this point, many folks have already closed their bank accounts with little fanfare. But a few have had trouble and uploaded videotapes documenting their problems. Watch what happened so that you can plan your bank transfer accordingly.

On October 7, two women in Santa Cruz attempted to close their Bank of America accounts. The manager said that they could not be protesters and customers at the same time. She refused to close their accounts.

A group in New York City held a Citibank account close-out on October 15. There were some reports via social media outlets that Citibank was having customers arrested for closing their bank accounts. It turns out, they were arrested for trespassing. That is to say, they would not leave the premises when asked. That was probably true. But what caused a heated outcry was that once the protesters did try to leave, the bank folks would not let them! They physically barred the way, until the police arrived. I suppose you could call that a counter-protest. Video shot from outside the bank. Video shot from inside the bank. Speakout/Protest inside the bank.

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  1. email from Patti C :
    "I was interested - and outraged - to see the videos of the customers at BOA being told that they could not be protestors and customers at the same time. Gotta wonder where in the contract between the bank and the customer the customer gives up their first amendment right to freedom of speech. I suppose we will all have to be more careful reading the fine print, huh?

    It does make me want to review what I learned many years ago in law school about the law of trespass and the law of false imprisonment. I wonder if they have a cause of action against the bank for not allowing them to leave?