November 25, 2011

Song, Collage, Film: Cultural Snaps from the Occupy Movement

There have been some fabulous cultural takes on the Occupy Movement. Today I came across a music video, occupying the song, "I Will Survive". The visuals are directed toward the police response to various Occupations, which to my mind is not where I want to direct most of my attention. However the voice is gorgeous.

I love the "We Are The 99%" tumblr archive page. It personally and beautifully documents the stories of many individuals. Each person shares their face and a written page on an everchanging mosaic. You can scroll back in time; you can zoom in on what interests you; you can comment on anything and everything. It is a wall of despair.

With all the video being generated by citizens on the ground, Occupy Wall Street documentaries are bound to follow. I had the privilege of seeing a pre-release of the Kevin Breslin film, #WhileWeWatch, and I enjoyed the prominent role played by citizen-journalists within Occupy Wall Street. The trailer makes a strong statement.

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