May 22, 2012

Facebook Events with Activist Sentiments (for those who don't use social media)

I am not a fan of Facebook. Yet I now frequent the site almost every day. I harbor misgivings about how people's personal and political posts may be sold and used. For me, it is a matter of trust rather than a matter of privacy. Nonetheless, my Facebook page has been quite social - making friends and administrating other Facebook pages. I have a couple hundred Facebook friends. Almost all of them have an interest in the Occupy Movement and I get invited to many events.

Some Facebook invitations are for parties and fundraisers. I get a handful of these. More often than not, I get invited to protests, rallies, and meetings of a political nature. If I had a couple thousand Facebook friends, I would be overwhelmed with invitations and I would probably find them to be an annoyance. But as it stands now, I keep abreast of a variety of events going on in the region. Here is a sampling from this week and next.

Even though many folks leave Florida for the summer, June still features a range of events.
And some folks are already planning events for steaming, hot July.

Based on these Facebook events, I know that the spirit of the Occupy Movement is alive and kicking, around the country and in Southwest Florida.

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