May 1, 2012

May Day, Sarasota, Florida

In solidarity with workers, students, immigrants, and the unemployed, nationwide, standing together for economic justice.


  1. MayDay was a missed opportunity for a lot of activist groups. I'm not sure why they didn't seize the opportunity to band together and show the 1% how much they depend on the 99%. I myself didn't push hard enough for it within my groups due to an injury and dying dog. I planned to at least observe it faithfully myself (no work, no shop, no school) but my daughter insisted she had to go to school because they were reviewing for an end of course exam in her math class. Sigh... maybe next time. Although I would hate to see hospitals or veterinarians closed down after my recent painful experiences.

  2. I spent a good chunk of MayDay in the hospital with my Mom and had a profound appreciation that our hospitals remained fully functional. Although we had a poor turnout for MayDay protest here in Sarasota, in the larger cities of the U.S., there was a fantastic turnout. In New York City, it was a massive show, tens of thousands of folks. However, on the whole, the media pretty much ignored this. See "Massive May Day Turnout Highlights Media's Disconnect From Reality",